Hazardous Materials training

Safety & Health Curriculum/Degree Plans

The Occupational Safety & Health Associate in Applied Science and the Occupational Safety & Health 1-year Certificate are offered 100% online.

Curriculum Guide
Occupational Safety & Health Associate in Applied Science 


The 1-year Certificate Program offers a shorter program to students looking to get into the career field of Occupational Safety & Health. Successful completion of the Certificate program requires a minimum of 18 credit hours. Please note, not all classes listed on the Certificate Curriculum Guides are available in an online format, contact one of our advisors for more information.

Occupational Safety & Health Certificate 

The Occupational Safety & Health Industry Certificates (Specialist in Safety & Health) program provides the opportunity for students to gain the skills needed to perform the required duties with in the field of safety management.

SAPP (Stand-Alone Parent Program) Options

Specialist in Safety & Health Construction Industry SAPP 
Specialist in Safety & Health General Industry SAPP 

*The Specialist in Safety & Health (SSH) SAPP classes are not available online but are offered in person and some classes are available via ZOOM.