Hazardous Materials training

Safety & Health Curriculum/Degree Plans

The Occupational Safety & Health Associate in Applied Science and the Occupational Safety & Health 1-year Certificate are offered 100% online.

Curriculum Guide
Occupational Safety & Health Associate in Applied Science 


The 1-year Certificate Program offers a shorter program to students looking to get into the career field of Occupational Safety & Health. Successful completion of the Certificate program requires a minimum of 18 credit hours. 

Occupational Safety & Health Certificate 

The Occupational Safety & Health Industry Certificates (Specialist in Safety & Health) program provides the opportunity for students to gain the skills needed to perform the required duties with in the field of safety management.

SAPP (Stand-Alone Parent Program) Options

Specialist in Safety & Health Construction Industry SAPP 
Specialist in Safety & Health General Industry SAPP 

*The Specialist in Safety & Health (SSH) SAPP classes are not available online but are offered in person and some classes are available via ZOOM.